Tomorrow the World

14 Jul 2011

Just a quick note to say that we’ll no longer be actively updating this site. It’s been a great run. And thanks for stopping by.

For Michael Hastings-Black’s current exploits please visit him here. Raafi Rivero recently wrote about social media in the New York Times and maintains a personal site.

Le Dunk for life

17 Jul 2014

It’s a side project. Always a side project. But I made some hats. And they’re fresh. Cop one at Le Dunk if you know what’s good for your ‘hood and your borough.

GRL Lives

07 Jan 2013

It’s hard not to be inspired after watching the above video depicting bed-bound graffiti writer Tempt create new works with eye-tracking software developed by the Graffiti Research Lab. Best of all, it’s open source. One definition of hip-hop holds that it’s an amorphous blob of culture built on technology and innovation. It’s only right that one of its fringes continues to explore new forms of expression.

Ya Bish!

13 Dec 2012

Culture turns around so quickly these days. Album, website, t-shirt, repeat.

Downtown / Connect

11 Oct 2011

It only took us five months since shooting… but we got it done. Here’s the video for Thaddeus Clark’s Downtown/Connect. The (banging) song is available for download at Special shots to my editor Jay Morales who slogged through many weekends and evenings to help bring this to the light of day.