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Why Cyclists, Despite Spandex, Are Bad Ass.

31 Jan 2007
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Below, Tom Steels gets “checked” by Graeme Brown in a sprint going 60km/h.

Paris, 1906

30 Jan 2007
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Recently, I was reading about the following: In 1906 Picasso painted a portrait of Gertrude Stein who was, at the time, a smart rich girl with a big personality, a taste for art and no job or direction. Picasso was penniless, represented by a middle-of-the-road gallery in paris, and showing virtuoso talent that was, as […]

Your Heart Was a Legend.

26 Jan 2007

…at four a.m., you can bring along a midget, a bear and four ladies, drag them to your room and no one cares about it at all. -Leonard Cohen Spent last week producing for some British friends at the Chelsea Hotel. And dear readers, you owe it to yourself to spend a night there. Or […]

that's easy for you to say

23 Jan 2007
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“If I’m obsessed with anything, it’s the problem of failure. As human beings, working in medicine, you’re going to have to think about that as a surgeon. At a certain point along the way you’re going to hurt people, and trying to find that balance between harm and good is your constant struggle, and that’s […]

dont copy the copy right

15 Jan 2007
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my current belief is that 90-96% of anything worth watching/forwarding on youtube contains copywritten material. as in, it contains something; a song, or a show that was created by someone talented, or a company with a budget to pay talented people, and then taken and repurposed by youtube users aka regular joes. am i wrong?