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Keep New York City Clean

21 Feb 2007

In New York City, every fleeting moment of inspiration is paid back in soot and grime. Sometimes the soot and grime become the inspiration themselves. More often, they crowd in from the sidelines — observed but not forgotten in the multitude of things that clamor for attention. It is said that the city dweller is […]

Stay Fly

16 Feb 2007

We Fly High

A Field Guide

13 Feb 2007

My buddy Garth is about to publish this book in print with photos. I read it. I was moved. Here’s more info online. You can upload photos to contribute as well.
A good idea, well executed.

Style Wars

09 Feb 2007

I’ve been shooting with Brad off and on for seven years now. Over that time I’ve been lucky enough to have a creative sparring partner whose style has grown, twisted, and developed as mine has in loping strides and baby steps too. The nature of collaboration between a director and cinematographer can come in all […]

Playtime in the Witching Hour

04 Feb 2007

It’s dark. It’s cold. But tricycles and polkadots can warm the cockles of your heart on a LES streetcorner.