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Upset the Setup

25 Mar 2007

For the past couple of weeks we’ve had the priviledge to be invited into rehearsal rooms and backstage to shoot some of our favorite bands. We’ve climbed onstage at shows and lugged equipment up and down stairs. All that to say… we’se been shooting. Clips to follow soon. Upset the Setup t-shirts available here.

The Year in Walls

13 Mar 2007
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Here’s something from the lab.

Sundance Green

07 Mar 2007
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hello there… some new work… a series of spots i made for the sundance channel. i was able to use work from some dope artists including one of my favorites, photographer jill greenberg! they should be airing now. please take a look if you have a minute… or 2 actually (30 x 4 = 2).

On The Fringe

06 Mar 2007

One might find gifted designers or great engineers, but rarely does one find an artisan. Here’s one. Dario Pegoretti:

Cam'ron Does HP

05 Mar 2007
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Hip-hop has been down with tech since day one. Now tech is finally getting down with hip-hop. HP did spots with Jay-Z and Pharell, but they finally went ahead and got street with it. Peep game: The guy who channels Cam in this vid has done it as well before and appears to be a […]