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In A Pinch

30 May 2007

The following appears in the the preface to Anne Carson’s new translation of four plays by Euripides. “Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of greif. . . . Perhaps you think this does not apply to you. Yet you recall the […]

Krazy Kat

30 May 2007
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In the early 20th George Herriman created Krazy Kat. You will see and learn things you’ve never seen before. A personal public master. It’s $3, but this article will open the door, if you feel like getting changed a bit.

Cold Snap

23 May 2007

Me and the PK monster hit the streets a few of months ago to put a long, cold winter into perspective. Since the unofficial start of Summer rolls around this weekend, I thought it would be nice to spend a moment reflecting on those chilly days. Even the wildlife was feeling a bit on edge. […]

Unquestioned Dogma

12 May 2007
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You probably saw this… Anderson Cooper interviews Cam’ron on 60 Minutes. “If there’s a serial killer living next door to you, though, and you know that person is, you know, killing people, would you be a snitch if you called police and told them?” Cooper asks Cam’ron. “If I knew the serial killer was living […]

Flash Photography

11 May 2007

Learning to shoot better is, moreover, a part of learning to see the world differently — through more analytical eyes. Which brings me to Don Imus. This will all make sense, I promise. My first reaction to the Imus comments was the kind of weary, jaded amusement that I take from everything that seems hopelessly […]