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Bang on a Can aka Thanks Mom!

30 Jun 2007

Got tapped by Sony to produce a slate of docs about NYC rockers. The best thing about these spots is that we pick bands we like and dip into their world for a hot second. In the past few weeks, I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for the drummer. He has the unwieldy gear. He […]

Nike and Transformers

19 Jun 2007

My parents recently turned my old bedroom into a study, so down in DC this weekend I sifted through boxes of youth. I found cutouts of early 90’s Nike ads featuring athletes like Jerry Rice and Nolan Ryan talking about overcoming adversity to acheive goals. Bench press your weight. Master a 3rd language. Call Her. […]

June Bugged Out

11 Jun 2007

(1 Deft DJ + 24 bottles of Svedka + 30 cases of Newcastle) x (100s of People) = A Wild Rumpus. Here are some pics of the merry pranksters. And mark your calendars for the Elephants’ next throwdown – October 25th – send a missive to if you want to join the party. Many […]