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If Photos Were Ice Cream

31 Jul 2007

The Raafmonster and MHB were in Harlem this morning scouting locations. We snapped our pics and moseyed down the 125. Raafi took a few bonus shots and said “I think you might need to email those to me”. And so here they are. My friend’s got a crush on Depth of Field and on Flat […]

Zach Galifianakis, Kanye and Will Oldham

30 Jul 2007

Fresh off the wire, this is the most surreal music video of the summer. Kanye’s personal trainer is friends with Zach. Kanye gave Zach carte blanche to do a video. Will happened to be at Zach’s farm that weekend. Amazing. I’m gonna go remix some Palace Brothers now.

Regarding Darfur

26 Jul 2007
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Occasionally, some of us here at Desedo volunteer to help a group called 24 Hours for Darfur. It’s an interesting project and worth checking out and supporting. A cause célèbre, the Darfur issue is commonplace in the news and on the Issues Circuit. The focus on the region and the genocide there has grown for […]

Difference Engine.

23 Jul 2007

What’s interesting? The lightest points always grab our interest. Movement grabs our interest. Promise is interesting. New is interesting. Loud is interesting, as is weird. We’re vying for interest. Your interest. Info-sthetics manages understanding information, but not interest. Entertainment manages interest, but often, not understanding. Interest begets entertainment, understanding, motivation, and the flip reverse of […]

Why Eldrick Rules

14 Jul 2007
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Has there ever been a media personality like Eldrick Woods? And aren’t you glad no one ever started calling him T-Dub? (T-Dub on the V.O.!!!). He’s something like the fourth Chipmunk, but cocky, and a cold-blooded killer in his profession. Add to that the fact that he may be the first athlete to become a […]