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stay hungry

31 Aug 2007

Getting fat and sassy won’t last ye. Our friend Demondoctor now uses the word “Grustle”, a mashup of Grind and Hustle. Reason being that those two words had grown soft standing solo. This new voltron will reign supreme. And some enterpising lads have already snapped up the URL.

Helping The Iraq

28 Aug 2007
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If Desedo were a country, I’d bet that very few U.S. Americans could find it on a map. But then, they could always get help from South Africa and the Asian countries. Thank you very much.

Shoes Melt.

27 Aug 2007

While summertime fashion is go time for the dames, it’s rough on us here menfolk. But our saving grace is the kick game. With both bursts of color or a muted monochrome, the right shoes will ease you through the dog day afternoons. Soon come Bryant Park and the tents. We’ll be seeing lots of […]

Lil' Wayne goes to Maine

21 Aug 2007

It’s been a pouring in the NYC. So I had to gussie up the Bean Boots.

In Red Ink

20 Aug 2007

Writing, which has been romanticized as a solitary pursuit, is often undertaken by teams in the case of filmed entertainment. There is a tug of war inherent to any collaborative process. In order for the process to work, however, neither side can be dragged through the mud pit in the middle. The collaborative process can […]