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Unused Locations

26 Sep 2007

Occasionally, an unused idea for a location or shot will be called into service for another production — a tracking shot of the New York skyline, say — but the ones that are temporally dependent like construction sites fritter away slowly on the vine. We hope that somewhere, in that great location graveyard in the […]

Video Site Quality Comparison (youtube, motionbox blip, crackle)

24 Sep 2007

I made a “utility” movie to compare the quality of a bunch of video sites. It’s a 31 second movie that I have uploaded to a few sites. You can take a look for yourself and judge what’s best for you and your work. It’s 31 seconds and focuses on clarity, colors, synch (obviously, only […]

Who Shot Ya?

20 Sep 2007

Hey! The ACLU made a cousin to the doomsday clock. It’s a countdown to when you have zero privacy. You can count most of the videos on youtube and the pix on flickr as contributing to our surveillance society. It also occured to me that a lot of the emails you are currently sending will […]

Agency Spy: Hummer

20 Sep 2007

Raafi’s Hummer Hydrogen spot has piqued industry interest, including some from the Agency Spy.

Like A Virgin

17 Sep 2007

Richard Branson’s Virgin America airline has come out of the gate as THE plane for Generation Y & Z. Not only does it have crucial features like Plugs and USB, it also has fun features like interseat IM. But what struck me most were the drawings in their Safety Instructions. Note the scruffy gent and […]