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Occam's Razor & MIT

26 Nov 2007

MIT’s Futures of Entertainment conference last weekend was a stunna. The crowd was an even split of industry and academia; each camp was curious about the other and left their kool-aid and navel-gazing at the door. The lodestone for this was that the panelists and the audience both asked “WHAT is the Future?” – not […]

Cubicle Quaaludes

13 Nov 2007

So I don’t do Facebook. And I quit Friendster. No MySpace for MHB, my LinkedIn is dusty and I aint the only one. They were cubicle quaaludes, never truly bolstered any business, friendships or romance. That said, I read about SNS habits and marketshare like an old man follows the ponies. To date, the thoroughbred […]

Dinosaur Fight

06 Nov 2007

Of the 500+ folks who emailed RSVPs for the Autumn Apotheosis Party, there was only one address that stuck in my memory: Who was this person? And why did I automatically assume that s/he was awesome? In a landscape of literal email addresses, Dinosaur.Fight jumped off the screen, a fang bearing smiley face. It […]

Agency Spy: Black Nerds, Planning & Parties

02 Nov 2007

Agency Spy has a crush on Desedo, talking about our work, our writing and our parties. We’re all blushy, but you know we like it.