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Echoes of Originality

27 Dec 2007
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You know that Dunkin(g) Donuts ad slogan you see everywhere? I am amazed that it is almost identical to the one featured in the first television ad. Maybe it is some kind of “reference” to it. In 1941 Bulova ran a commercial, considered the very first TV ad, with the slogan “America Runs on Bulova […]


25 Dec 2007
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As our politicos yammer about a widening income gap, two America’s and such, I’d like to take this time of respite to remind our friends that good pop is a grand unifier if only for fleeting minutes. We should find further comfort in the ability of a gold chain to proffer authority upon its wearer, […]

Steroids, Sopranos & Hilly the Clint

17 Dec 2007

George Mitchell and his legal eagles are bad-ass. I’m glad to see that the ‘purity’ of the National Pastime is nekkid on the table and knickers in a twist. But it ain’t a big secret, I mean being incredulous about juicing in baseball is like Renault in Casablanca being “Shocked, Shocked to find that gambling […]

The Wire: Social Structure (the game is rigged)

10 Dec 2007

Season 4 of The Wire just dropped on DVD, so this weekend I was glued to the telly and composing armchair academic essays about the structure of this B’more world. Then I read media scholar Jason Mittel’s writing about the show, and decided best just to step aside and give him the mic. I’ve quoted […]

Max Ernst, Maya Deren & Craigslist

06 Dec 2007

At Desedo HQ form follows function. Rather than cluttering up the space with traditional visual cues of ‘office’ – paper piles/coffee pot/telephones – we aim to keep it sleek, to make every word count. With that in mind, we purchase office furniture only as needed, and often through Mr. Craig Slist. He’s always good for […]