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Mass Processor: Access Granted

28 Feb 2008

Access is that most elusive quality that is granted to some who wield cameras. The best seem to command it of their subjects instantly, effortlessly. The rest of us work for every scrap we can get and hire the best camera people to buttress ourselves. Perhaps as a cheat, a short-circuit, we who shoot things […]

Juno, Sex Workers & MapQuest

26 Feb 2008

When accepting her Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, Juno scribe Diablo Cody proudly displayed her bicep tat of a bikini-clad + rope bound lass, a visual reminder to viewers at home that Cody was once a stripper. And the dark humor that actress Ellen Page spits in Juno is strongly rooted in the self-aware and […]

Urban Planning = New Media Planning

25 Feb 2008

Below is the Pecha Kucha presentation I gave at Hall & Partners about remix culture via urban planning. Before working with brands and film, I was an urban planner and did research in a raft of cities round the globe. One thing planners have learned is that people have an innate need to remix and […]

7 Minutes In Heaven Party Pics

21 Feb 2008

Much love to all who rocked with us on Valentine’s Day. Cupid was flying high, we saw spin-the-bottle, some closeclose dancing and heard stories the next morn that made us blush. Stay warm by thinking spring thoughts, as soon comes June Fun and more of Dr. Desedo’s Magical Mischief. —– Want more funner? Click Me!

Moonwalk: The 25th Anniversary

19 Feb 2008

It’s the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller and his premiere of The Moonwalk. (ir)Regardless of the man, his tunes have stood the test of time. And beyond the music, it’s MJ on the MTV that made him the King of Pop. Last year prisoners in Manila doing Thrilla went viral. In 2008 will […]