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Cadbury, Airport Trucks, WTF***?

29 Mar 2008

Fallon’s new Cadbury ad fails in every way that Gorilla succeeds. No whimsy. No personal touch. It ain’t going viral. The premise of the spot is that a fleet of airport vehicles has “pimped themselves to show their unique character, ready for the race of their lives.”[1] So, like Pixar’s Cars, we’re expecting cheeky and […]

PSFK: Postcards From Yo Momma

28 Mar 2008

smrtgrl Kat Hunt and I were talking about the newnew blog Postcards From Yo Momma – could it be the next Stuff White People Like? Maybe so, maybe not, as a friend of Kat’s declared Momma passe….after two days, an ohso New York thing to do. We might be the fastest moving creatures on earth, […]

PSFK: Conference Culturejamming

28 Mar 2008

(soaked up heaps of ideas at PSFK yesterday, so begins a lil loop of yawps, queries + kisses) — Earlier this month, Business Week wrote about Pepsi, Nike and other big guns subverting the ‘official’ brands of the Beijing Olympics. But could a brand hack or subversively sponsor an advertising conference? If well executed, would […]

Real Recognize Real

26 Mar 2008

As Eric Henderson and Agency Spy recently wrote, all cultures are rooted in unique codes and mores. If you are an outsider reaching in, be honest about your status, otherwise you’ll just get shook. One of my favorite examples of cultural missteps in the YouTube era is the P Diddy & Burger King collab. On […]

Beautiful Losers

25 Mar 2008

As piracy remixes the old business models of music and film, the money ‘lost’ doesn’t disappear, it just gets spent elsewhere. When I was a teenager, I’d spend money on music in the act of fleshing out my personality – (both publicly and privately) – Rolling Stones/Tribe Called Quest/Blues Traveller, etc… Each $12 CD added […]