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Yup, the 90's are the new 80's.

29 Apr 2008

I used to raid my mother’s closet for cool clothes. But now I just raid my own. -Erinn, 26 Our cultural examination of last decade began in 2004 with the VH1 series I Love the 90’s. It started getting remixed amongst cool kids from NYC to Kansas in 2006. Grunge, Hypercolor and Hammer Pants were […]

All You See Is Crime in the City

18 Apr 2008

At its root, hip-hop has always mixed tech and middle-finger D.I.Y. with open-source. It’s why there are so many different “purple drank” recipes on the web and the raison d’être of the Urban Dictionary. Enter the Graffiti Research Lab — one of the more novel embodiments of all three of these things, but with the […]

Honey Smacks & Hawaiian Punch

17 Apr 2008

This Thursday morn the snarkosphere is flitting about the new Kellogg’s Street Wear line. While the campaign is corporate corny and the models chagrined, it’s not wholly off base. Streetwear has long history of rocking cartoon characters that Ad Age, Gawker & I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. But what’s truly of note is […]

Bug Hunt

16 Apr 2008

I’m not a fan of video art, but not sure why. Sometimes I think when the execution is abstract, it lacks purpose and gets buoyed by explication. Or when it’s referential, it smacks of clever (and nowadays is far better executed online than in the gallery). Maybe I’m just behind the times. But last week […]

Hello, Spring

15 Apr 2008

My Hawaiian surfergirl Zhara just sent this picture and a note that “the horse, rainbow and colors are all real. life is fucking great.” So for those who are reading this today in NYC, where spring is winking, I beseech you to finish them taxes, go outside & engage First Life to the fullest.