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Batman Creeps Up Park Avenue

30 May 2008

On the northeast corner of Park Ave and 23rd Street, a massive advertisement for the new Batman film is being painted. It’s an event that’s been unfolding over the last few weeks at the speed of slow food. And therein lies the genius – the film is advertised by the creation of its advertisement. This […]


29 May 2008

Last night at Shoot’s New Directors Showcase I dipped into a great conversation with publisher Gerald Giannone about the future path of ad industry magazines. At the end of our chat he noted the copy of Creativity I had tucked under my arm. “You know you’ve got a lotta balls coming in here tonight, holding […]

Gerald Busby + Jordan Alport

29 May 2008

Dropsquad Desedo director Jordan Alport is now collaborating with classical composer Gerald Busby on a series of 3 original short films. They worked together to divine the theme of Impermanence, JA created some parameters, GBus wrote the music and now JA will direct in response. Like tango dancers, they are. Gerald has worked with Robert […]

The Internet Celebrities

25 May 2008

Our friends The Internet Celebrities just released their new short Checkmate. Ad industry people take note, their Ghetto Big Mac clip served over 1 million on YouTube, and creator Dallas Penn’s blog gets 6K uniques daily. Give a shout if you want an introduction, the dude is a wicked copywriter.

Workers Needed

25 May 2008

We’re working on 2 projects for which we need workers. If anyone knows anyone, give us a shout: 1) Programmer for a web to SMS property. Likely to be in PHP/MySQL or Ruby. 2) Web Designer for the Interesting New York conference.