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The Obama Influence?

26 Jun 2008

So. From India to Italy, the world is rooting for Obama. What happens if he gets elected? Does Brand America go 180 overnight? Will we witness a trend of happiness amongst fine art, music and film? Will liberals wave flags with pride, reclaiming the symbol from the right? Methinks yes.

JC Penney Speed Dressing

24 Jun 2008

So the internets are abuzz with questions about the Saatchi/Epoch Bronze Lion winner “Speed Dressing” cause JC Penney is now denying ownership of the spot. For those not yet in the know, the :60 depicts two cute teens practicing speed dressing so that they can get away with some heavy petting (greatest sex-ed term evar, […]

Sound and Scents

24 Jun 2008

Once upon a time, listening to music via headphones was considered a form of anti-social behavior, a way to shut out the world. So of course as a teenager, I reveled in the walls that I could create with my walkman. Yellow Sony Sports was my fave. As we moved to discman days, I rocked […]

Karl Lagerfeld. In Yellow.

23 Jun 2008

If the US Department of Transportation stepped through a looking glass to hire someone from Runwayland, who would it be? While considering this deep thought, I realized that Karl’s personal style (sunglasses/gloves/tie/wearing lots of Hedi Slimane) may have greater mass culture fame than the garments he himself creates. The visage outpaces the artist. This is […]

Pool Party Pics, wet with Mischief

19 Jun 2008

Well, we now know that swimming pools were made for Mischief. Here are some pics for the record and believe you me, there are other pics that will stay off the record. It seems that Vodka + New Yorkers + Lack of Clothing = Lots of OMFG. Zee tomfoolery continues next month, so stay close […]