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Immigrant Songs via Sundance

29 Jul 2008

This week Sony premieres the Sundance 2008 Grand Jury winner Frozen River. Our friend Kevin Pazmino was the 1st AD (as he was on PK’s Predator), so we’re gonna go see it. Give a shout if you wanna come with, we’re buying popcorn. Also earlier this year IFC released Sangre de mi Sangre, the 2007 […]

Brand JC

28 Jul 2008

During a drive down the LaFourche bayou a few days ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a 15-foot statue of JC standing outside of a Vietnamese church, and visiting a small memorial/church that could fit inside my living room. I was reminded that the distinct class of stylish laptop users who visit my local […]

Top Chef, Williamsburg + Mayonnaise

25 Jul 2008

Word from Gothamist is that the new Top Chef contestants are living in my hood at the McCarren Park Condos. When asked what was filming, a crew member deadpanned “A mayonnaise commercial. Just a mayonnaise commercial.” Mayonnaise and Cat Food are the two tried and true classics of film set crowd control. Tell the public […]

Hanging on the Telephone

24 Jul 2008

Since seeing the Fiest/Sesame Street video, I’ve been moseying down a muppety memory lane. One of my faves were the Yip-Yips – cultural anthropologists from Mars, ever curious about our Earthling ways. Loved them, but often watched them whilst hiding behind the sofa, cause they scared me. So after watching the above clip, I was […]

Feist x Sesame Street

22 Jul 2008
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If, like me, Apple’s bludgeoning repetition of commercials for its video-enabled iPod nano featuring the original version of this Feist’s “1 2 3 4 ” permanently turned you off to the song, you can breathe easier now. But who knew the prescription would be so simple? Add a klatch of cute monsters, interpolate the lyrics […]