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Summer Camp + Hip-Hop

31 Aug 2008

As a teen I went to a summer camp on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Ran about barefoot, howled @ the moon and learned to be me. And in that feral setting, I also developed a love for hip-hop, brought on by the Brooklyn kids in my tent. Reading the Camp Camp blog today, I […]

16 Candles

28 Aug 2008

Rockwell for everyone who was roofside @ Mischief last night. And today we crush a cup of wine for Jordan’s birthday. Evidence of that Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday is forthcoming….

Mischief Party – Rooftop Invite

25 Aug 2008

Ze Mischief crew is back, back from vacation. So good revelers clean thy slates, gird for libation. Wednesday, 8P, August Twenty Seven. Find us on a roof, address 305, Avenue Second. Ye microbrew Butternuts will be free on tap To slake thy thirst with their mighty Pork Slap. Pranksters will be on hand, eyes sparked […]

Interesting New York

24 Aug 2008

On Saturday September 13th, NYC will host an Interesting conference. It’s a day of speakers on topics as varied as The Physics of Quicksand to The Potential of Lego – people speaking about their hidden passions or flights of fancy. It’s already gone gangbusters in London, Amsterdam and Sydney. Do you wanna share something interesting? […]

Parting Shots

21 Aug 2008

Here are a couple of my best shots from New Orleans. After being away from New York for two months, it’s been a bit of a culture shock slipping back into go mode. As for reflections on that strange and vibrant place, there are many. The richness of the speech might be the first that […]