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We Care

17 Oct 2008

My cousin Dozer just told me: So there was this drunk old guy with long hair on the L train going home tonight, caterwauling to his girlfriend about how all men suck and are violent. Then he moved on to talking about how his dad and grandfather fought in WWII and WWI and “they killed […]

Joe The Plummer / Plumber

15 Oct 2008

Of course there is already a misspelled website and analysis of ad placement, but my fave bit from this debate is McCain’s “Zero?” moment. Old Jonny looks about to have a heart attack, which would lead to…

Gaming is the New Golf

15 Oct 2008

Last night I hit 2 ad industry parties, one a launch for FIFA 2009 and the other was Fresh Meet. As the latter wound down, we broke out rockband and went to town (MHB on bass). Lots of very social activity built around a participatory event that requires little actual exertion on the players. This, […]

Gay Navy

12 Oct 2008

The US military has a long history of helping the entertainment industry with props and narrative consulting. This includes The Village People’s music video for the song In The Navy. And the Navy even used the song in recruiting efforts, until they realized that the VP were quite gay. What I find curious is the […]

Thinkers Needed

10 Oct 2008

We’re chairing a 2 day panel about Urban Youth Trends in the DIY era. Got a bunch of great thinkers, looking for some more. The panel is for a major brand, so your time will be well paid. If you’ve got thoughts, please drop me an email.