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Religioscope: Muslim Consumers

22 Nov 2008

Relioscope, one of the leading journals for discourse about religion, just published an interview with MHB about the American-Muslim Consumer Market.

Islam within Advertising (update)

21 Nov 2008

So…my white paper about Islam, Identity + Advertising has been getting some pixels round the internets. Did interviews with Religioscope + Agency Spy and Ad Age reprinted an excerpt. And it’s getting published in print by Cambridge Scholars Press, cause you know I’m an armchair academic. Was invited to a conference about Religion and Media […]

Into The Night

21 Nov 2008

Spent the last week producing an episode of the German TV show Into The Night for our friends Avanti Media. We ran around town with the econ gurus Joe Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald. Learned lots. Now at MIT’s Futures of Entertainment conference. Learning more. Soon my brain will be full. Then what?

I Want To Start A Chick Band

14 Nov 2008

Been thinking a lot about our nostalgia for analog and how we use digital to simulate that space, like this photo app. Or this shutter sound. But the real real is always best, which is why I had to snap pics of this here flyer. 10 years ago, I might not have noticed, but now […]

Ad Age: Muslim Consumers

10 Nov 2008

Today Ad Age ran an excerpt from MHB’s white paper about the American-Muslim consumer space.