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Ring The Alarm

17 Dec 2008

Today is one of our favorite techgeek events, the ITP Winter Show @ NYU. And I’m wondering when somebody will invent the personalized car alarm. Dear Reader, can you tell me if it exists? In an audio landscape where people tune out car alarms, why not use unique sounds you know are yours – with […]


16 Dec 2008

Our friend H. Willing Davidson edits fiction at the New Yorker. So for his GF Alison Cool’s birthday, what does he get her? Oh, placed within the text of Roger Angell’s holiday poem. Next to Kiki Smith, and two lines above Snoop Dogg. Brooklyn, we go hard…

A Minor Triumph in Signs

15 Dec 2008

This year, in the interest of improving my quality of life, I decided to subscribe to the weekend edition of the New York Times. The delivery is split over two days and contains all of the items that are available on the newstand edition of the sunday paper. On saturday the Magazine (my favorite publication […]

The Zeitgeist, Paradox, and That Weezy

12 Dec 2008

Google released it’s Zeitgeist report this week: its most searched terms. Sarah Palin and Obama both made the top ten in the overall global and US lists and were among the top three people searched in the US. Number four in that category? Lil Wayne. Both the most popular people and most popular searches were […]

So L.A. it hurts

05 Dec 2008
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Sticking with our location theme here, I’ve got to give a shout out to the Sacramento Community College Players. Those being, of course, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph, Margaret Cho, Neil Patrick Harris et al. with a special appearance by Jack Black. Prop 8, the musical. Does it count less if all the actors are […]