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31 Jan 2009

Deep in the Desedo laboratory, our caldron bubbles. Wondering about copyrights, we asked a legal friend and he said the below. Succinct and smart, so we’ll share: You can only copyright expressions and not ideas. Ideas are free, but the creative expression of ideas benefit the public so much that the government is willing to […]

The Huffington Post: Muslim Consumers

29 Jan 2009

Huff Po’s Business Section has picked up on MHB’s perspective about the American-Muslim consumer space.

SOE – and the hustle

27 Jan 2009

File this under the “they shoot things, don’t they?” category. This collaboration followed from the series of 20 music docs about New York City bands we did for Sony a couple years back. Lead singer DJ McNanny’s former band Neutral Mute and I collaborated on what became a kind of pet project — shooting footage […]

Windell Middlebrooks

27 Jan 2009

Best. Name. Ever. The actor who plays the beer deliveryman for Miller High Life is Windell Middlebrooks. He grew up in Texas and has a BA+MFA in Theater. Wondering if it’s a stage name. I’m having name envy. He gets mad love in Milwaukee and in a small rabbit hole of WTF!? he threw out […]

Smarten Up, Open the Market Up.

27 Jan 2009

I’ve been watching heaps of brand strategy presentations this week, some of which I think are top shelf. Below is what Adrian Ho from ZeusJones learned from the structural shortcomings of advertising. And what he decided to do about it. Strategy: beyond advertising