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29 Nov 2009

In the last 3 hours, Chad Scira‘s project #tweetcloud has generated +10,000 uses and in the process added the same amount of followers to his twitter feed. What I love about TweetCloud is that it helps to reinforce the truth that the internet, esp Twitter, is screechingly human. It is fueled in many ways by […]

MSNBC: The Alice Bond Bag

26 Nov 2009

On Sunday, November 29th MSNBC’s Your Business will rebroadcast the episode Learning From the Pirates, which features The Alice Bond Bag and our friend Matt Mason, author of The Pirates’ Dilemma, who was one of the inspirations for the project.


24 Nov 2009

PK and MHB are shooting a music video for Crookers, bopping all about Brooklyn before Thanksgiving. We’re going to be running fast, feeling like we’re in Sabotage. And you know we like maps, so here’s where we’ll be, all in a day’s work.

Futures of Entertainment 4

19 Nov 2009

@raafirivero and @michaelhb are going north to the Future today and are excited like kids in candy stores. Up at M.I.T. we’ve met some of our fave thinkers and tinkerers and have since worked with many. More thoughts soon, and likely a flurry of tweets on the #FOE4 tip.

The Collapse

19 Nov 2009

The above tweet from @kunur just knocked my socks off. Not sure what to think of it yet. Walt Whitman said that with the mind/body connection, if you lose one, you lose both. So in the time of digital natives, if they lose their networked identities, how do they function? Beyond the pangs of withdrawal, […]