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Wal-Mart and War

15 Dec 2009

Reading about this trend of soldier homecoming videos made me think of the Wal-Mart advert in which a boy uses his Santa wish to get snow for his dad in The War. There are many different responses that one can have to this ad, from loving to hating Wal-Mart, nothing new there. And the ad […]

Structure in The Office

10 Dec 2009

My favorite new TV show is NBC’s Community, because it uses wit and double speak to a positive end, not simply hollow snark. And this fresh perspective on storytelling is made even more clear when contrasted with The Office, which this season has transformed Michael Scott’s managerial style from one of a bumbling fool to […]


06 Dec 2009

Our friend Christine Huang recently spoke about storytelling and its purpose and evolution within culture. It was brilliant, so I share.

CMO Council: Multicultural Markets

03 Dec 2009

The CMO Council just published MHB’s essay about New Media + Multicultural Markets.

Culture Lab Creative

01 Dec 2009

On December 5th, MHB will be speaking at Culture Lab Creative‘s 2010 Trends Summit in Dallas. Top on his mind right now is how men’s fashion relates to finance. In this downturn, we see it’s time to fix up, look sharp and be a grown ass man.