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Hot Tub > Hangover

31 Mar 2010

…unlike, say, The Hangover, which sweetens and sentimentalizes its man-child characters — allowing them to run wild and then run home to Mommy — Hot Tub Time Machine is honest in its coarseness and pretty tough on the fellows who are the agents and objects of its satire[…]

Sun Chips

30 Mar 2010

Last week I was at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. During a Q&A session, we discussed which companies can show their customers true sustainability. And while it’s not cosmetic, the example I shared was Sun Chips. Not because of their solar powered factory, but because their bags are now fully compostable.


28 Mar 2010

San Francisco, 2063. A service android brand-named PIA has replaced the majority of third tier labor in the United States. Hospital nurses, hotel workers and other maintenance driven industries all use the sleek, black-clad, human-organ powered machine to supplement their human workforce…. Desedo friend Tanuj Chopra was one of 11 filmmakers to tell a story […]

Haunted House

23 Mar 2010

Not sure if the sign was designed to entice or repel.

Blood, Bruises and Levi's

22 Mar 2010

Jumping into the wayback machine, here is a Levi’s spot we cooked up whilst bumping Motley Crue in ’05.