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27 Apr 2010

Brands as content curators?

Treme Type

21 Apr 2010

HBO’s new series, Treme, is David Simon’s thoughtful, measured, and consistent vision of New Orleans. Yet the credit typography misses the mark so wide that I’ve wondered if the distraction is intentional….

Pirate Radio

19 Apr 2010

Our friend Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, created this doc with Palladium Boots about pirate radio in London. Take 15 and watch.

Big Red

09 Apr 2010

Account loss aside, McCann’s Verizon Big Red spot is brilliant. Their maps vs apps battle with AT&T is tiresome, and this spot charts a new path. But of course, there’s more. This spot comes out of the gate with traction, it calls on a collective cultural memory and is thus all the more sticky. It’s […]

Downtown Detroit

01 Apr 2010

I like lonely old cars in motion.