5 Quick Thoughts (scribbled while standing in the voting line this morning)

04 Nov 2008

1) Methinks today were gonna see a nationwide meme of photos and videos from voting lines and inside voting booths.

2) Having a mobile device with which to text/twit/call/ blog/watch makes the time spent in line less mundane. You’re not only able to talk discuss/record the process, but you can also work, or at least simulate it for you and your boss. Less so in ’04. This tech salve could help more people vote.

3) Watch the gamblers, not the pollsters, to get a true line on the odds.

4) The new media aspect of the election made this feel like a participatory democracy. While I know our blog may not have directly swung a vote, seeing that your friends are volunteering has an activating effect.

5) Knock wood, should Obama win, I think the American flag will have a new brand position. The stars + stripes is symbol oft owned exclusively by the right, and seen by many on the left as jingoistic. A new before seen diversity of new people might wave it with pride tonight.



  1. 4 Nov 2008 lisa c

    i took a picture of my ballot, too!

  2. 5 Nov 2008 Cindy M

    Hi Michael,

    I had the same thought about the flag today. I’ve never owned one, but today I thought I might now buy one. I’m proud of my country and my fellow Americans!

    Cindy M