Andre 3000, The Sartorialist and Us

07 Aug 2008

shine on you crazy diamond

Raafi and I first met at a bar in Brooklyn back in ’02. There was much drinking and debating, one topic being which OutKast album is better – ATLiens (mhb) or Aquemini (rr). Months later, I was listening to RR’s choice while picking olives on a farm in Paganico. Through my head went the thought hmmmm that dude Raaf might be right. And now one of our heroes – The Sartorialist – bumped into another hero – Andre 3000 – not too far from that farm. So now I bop out into the night and leave you with the story.


  1. 11 Aug 2008 nerditry

    Glad to know you love the Dungeon Fam, as well. I got hip to Sart’s site a while back and send a hello my way if you are in for Andre’s Whole Foods mixtape.