Bang on a Can aka Thanks Mom!

30 Jun 2007

Got tapped by Sony to produce a slate of docs about NYC rockers. The best thing about these spots is that we pick bands we like and dip into their world for a hot second. In the past few weeks, I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for the drummer. He has the unwieldy gear. He sits in the back and sweats up a storm. Yet there’s more going on there, some kind of charisma – because as a lad he convinced his parents to buy him this noise kit and like a shephard he keeps the band on track and on time.

Below is our spot with Black Gold, the drummer Than explained to us the genius of Qunicy Jones’ drum selection and can rock a leather vest with aplomb. Also keep your ears peeled for Gunnar from the The Exit and White Rabbits – cause they double your pleasure with 2 drummers.

From Crackle: Black Gold – Dedication