Barbie, The Ghetto Diaries + Fanon

05 Mar 2008

your hair looks good girl

Last week Robin Hafitz from Open Mind/kb+p gave a great
presentation about how the walls of public/private space are melting. One sign of these times is the sex tapes and commando-flashing tactics of Brit/LiLo/Paris. The recording and sharing of sex is no longer in the back room, but
writ large, and as Robin noted, Barbie and Ken aren’t just dating, they’re making porn.

Robin’s talk came spinning back into my skull today when I learned about YouTube auteur SANKYLADY. Her series, Ghetto Diaries, goes one step beyond porn into a realm of absurdity, sexytime and bad haircuts. And it’s pretty durn addictive.

SANKY joins the ranks of women vidders, her work lodged somewhere between Brookers and Luminosity, futzing with a billion dollar brand in the lowest of fi. I do hope she catches a virus, in a good way.

(learned about Sanky Lady from the The Message)


  1. 5 Mar 2008 JA

    As a historical reference see the ur-mother of the Barbie-doll-as-animation genre, Todd Haynes’ “Superstar”