Berlin Wins

29 Sep 2008

Been in Berlin for the last week, spending my days at Freie Universitat brainstorming about Islam and Advertising and my nights in Narnia, cause the dance floors are still packed come dawn. As fate would have it, in town was Michael from If We Ran It and Cory aka DJ Peoples Champion now lives here. Partners in crime are clutch for chaos. Plus I think the GDR must have invented a KhutestGhirlEvar machine, cause I’ve fallen in love twice. Should America implode, I know where I’m bound. If you beat me to it, some witching hour spots well worth visiting are Picknick, Magnet, Maria, 8MM, + CHB Kollektiv. Still alive after sunrise? Don’t sleep, hit Berghain.

photo via stilinberlin


  1. 29 Sep 2008 Johanna

    Sounds like a delicious blur. I am more than a little envious.

  2. 2 Oct 2008 Michael

    If you like Berlin, you’ll love Eastern Europe. Try Tallinn, Prague, etc. Shit. Let’s plan a trip. You down?