Brand JC

28 Jul 2008

Smiths buried here.

During a drive down the LaFourche bayou a few days ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a 15-foot statue of JC standing outside of a Vietnamese church, and visiting a small memorial/church that could fit inside my living room. I was reminded that the distinct class of stylish laptop users who visit my local coffee shop is diverse enough to include the leadership of the Vintage Church, who conduct an operations meeting there weekly. Rob, whose style I would describe as Surf, leads the group through the mechanics of the organization’s upcoming needs while Andrew’s laptop seems to be the device responsible for managing data.

talk to the hand.

Desedo design peeps wndr, are responsible for the branding of Epic, “a Christ believing community that exists in the real world.” Similarly, it might as well have been between viewings of The Real World in my MTV-aided youth that I learned of the Skate Ministry, which is still kicking by the way; there are even imitators. It looks like You Know Who’s getting a facelift.

1. jocular Epic collateral here.