Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures

03 Jun 2008


MHB was just invited to speak in Berlin at the upcoming Contemporary Muslim Consumer Cultures conference. He’ll being presenting his research about how American-Muslim identity politics are linked to advertising, pop and new media. $170B demo that’s still ignored by brands + agencies. Give a shout if you wanna learn more.


  1. 4 Jun 2008 nerditry


  2. That sounds CRAZY interesting. How do we get ourselves invited to this thing???

  3. 28 Aug 2008 Reehana

    Hi Michael

    The topic sounds incredibly interesting. However, I’m actually part of the Media industry in the UK; as your topic is about Muslim American pop culture, and public identity, I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment. I hope you find all the information you’re looking for.

    Good Luck with the conference!