Crookers Contest

17 Jan 2010

Remedy Flyer

We’ve been getting a lot of love for our Crookers ‘Remedy’ video. And like good, young thieves we’re giving back.

To be precise, we’re giving away the payphone, the VW logo and the $ chain that our lads stole in the music video. Gotta love the foolishness of youth.


Like the time I broke into a Burger King and and walked away with a 6 foot cardboard T-Rex (promo for the The Lost World). Or that vending machine in Maine. And all those Upper Deck baseball cards.


So, how to win? In the comments section of this post, tell us about your most absurd act of petty larceny. We’ll select our 3 faves and snailmail you one of these here crooked items.



  1. 17 Jan 2010 Ubbs

    Managed to swipe some life sized cutouts of the Seinfeld gang from the local video store.

  2. 17 Jan 2010 Nate

    I stole the arm of a female mannequin that was being repaired at a JCPenny a while back. The best part was the security guard saw me take it and just laughed as I walked out the door. …Don’t ask what I’ve done with the arm since.

  3. 18 Jan 2010 l0r3nz

    I’ve stole a road sign when I was drunk… Nothing special and I really don’t know what I should do with it ^^

  4. 18 Jan 2010 tricky

    i successfully managed to remove the jaguar off a jaguar. took 20 minutes, a couple different tools, and all the muscle and determination my grade 7 self could muster. i still have it somewhere in my room.

  5. 18 Jan 2010 CJ

    I have a nice little collection of Virgin Mary statues ;)

  6. 18 Jan 2010 shanan

    i stole a pineapple once. it was a very good pineapple.

  7. 18 Jan 2010 Sam

    I thieved the big entrance/door mat from a Spar (7-11 kind of store in the UK). It ended up as the rug under our coffee table in our student house.
    It was exactly the same colour as our couch… I had to have it, even if it did have the Spar logo on it.

  8. 18 Jan 2010 Tom

    A few years back, a friend and I racked about two hundred loyalty cards from a local burger chain. Realising they were worthless in their current state, we went back the following week and managed to get our hands on the customised hole puncher they used to stamp the cards. After a few hours of stamping and an hour in a clothes dryer, we had access to a lifetime supply of burgers on cards that looked like they’d been knocked around for long enough to amass eight seperate purchases.

    Little did we know, the pattern on the hole puncher we’d ganked had only been in operation for three days before we nicked it. As you’d imagine, they got pretty suspect a fortnight or so later when dozens of kids were claiming to have eaten burgers on eight occasions in those three days. Hilarity ensued. In one such incident, a friend of mine got his photo on the wall and a lifetime ban and after hocking a loogie on their lamb spit after being refused his complimentary burger. He claims it was worth it.

    He was one of a tonne of kids who fell victim to the greatest heist in Hawthorn burger history.

    Lest we forget.

  9. 19 Jan 2010 Pan

    a few years ago,i stole the bag of a passing lady on the road.
    the main thing is,that i didn’t see the security guard who was outside the next shop.
    and so i started running with the security guard yelling behind me
    to cut a long story short,i was very lucky to have gotten away,and i had never done this much running in my whole life.
    oh,and the bag didn’t have any money,just a bottle of water,cigarettes,and a ticke for the subway.
    oh god.

  10. 19 Jan 2010 Öyvind

    I stole the armring of some chick I just had sex with twice. Ironically I´m just able to take the two metal rings of my wrist when I´m super drunk because it hurts alot! It became kind of my thing now to “keep trophies”.

  11. 19 Jan 2010 Joe

    stole a signpost that pointed to a small hidden away village near my town so that nobody could find the place. then dumped the signpost at the top of my friend’s garden because i thought nobody would find it. my friend’s family later found it and then dumped it in a lake for some reason.

    also once stole a call of duty 4 cutout of a soldier that’s now in a friend of mine’s bedroom.
    it’s pretty dope. i want it back.

  12. 20 Jan 2010 *Tronn!

    Years ago, I stole my math teacher’s mark guide for a piece of homework I was given in highschool, Because I was promised a Playstation 2 if I got good grades for a few months in maths…

    My teacher obviously wasn’t going to just give it to me, so
    I actually had to hide under a table and wait for the class to leave, then sneak out, take it and leave, but the door had been locked behind the class. So, I had to climb out of the class window and onto a shed roof in order to get to the ground, and I ripped my pants doing that, and my parents were so angry that I’d ripped my pants, that I was refused a playstation!

    PLUS, After filling in my howemwork with the answer sheet, leaving a few wrong for authenticity, I got into maths, and my teacher said that she couldn’t mark our work because she’d ‘lost’ the answer sheet, and she re-set the hoework with a different set of questions, and I failed that. GUTTED.

  13. 27 Jan 2010 Mr. King

    One time me and mom, lisa were looking into the backyards of some houses. We came across one with an old western theme, but what caught our eye was this beautiful baby blue sculpted donkey. I told Lisa that we needed it and she agreed. With both of us thinking of all the possibilities of how we could use this thing. Lisa had hopped over the fence to get it. We then discovered that the donkey was made from cement, so we didn’t let that discourage us we just became more determined. It took both of us to lift this 150 lb donkey over the fence and then we dropped it over and it lost an ear. Which was fixed shortly after.

    Long story short we took the donkey back to lisa’s house and now have polaroids with this donkey in; Mexico, New Port Calif, and the snowy slopes of snowbowl in Flagstaff AZ. Im sure there are many more to come maybe we could add in some objects from the Crookers vid.

    FYI: lisa is not my real mom or a girl. But that’s a different story…

  14. 21 Jun 2010 Ambrose

    I don’t know if this contest is over or not but…

    A friend and I broke into a private pool, and then managed to set off the alarm. Each of us ran out with a Life Guard Buoy, like the ones from Baywatch. The rest of the night we just took posed pictures with them in random places. At the end of the night we put them up in our rooms as souvenirs, or rather, I did, my friend woke up the next morning hugging his wondering where it had come from…

    A day or two later, this girl walks into my room sees it, and tells me she’s a lifeguard at the private pool, and if we don’t return them she’ll get us in trouble. So we go back later that night and throw them into the pool.

    Good night.