Dick Cheney is on your Facebook

04 Sep 2007

I See Yall

A friend of ours keeps his online info to a minimum. If you watch this clip, you’ll learn about the powers that helped finance Facebook and might think twice before whiling by profiling. Also a tip of the cap to our NYC cabbies if they strike instead of getting GPS’d, tagged and bagged.

Learned about the black-ops from WAS


  1. 4 Sep 2007 JA

    There is no reason to assume that anything you do on the internet is private: where you surf, shop, ftp. All very easy to see in the hands of the initiated.

    This post also reminds me of

    A./ http://infosthetics.com/

    B./ http://theyrule.net/

    where you will learn about presenting information and a nifty way to see who runs everything. Kind of.