Feist x Sesame Street

22 Jul 2008

If, like me, Apple’s bludgeoning repetition of commercials for its video-enabled iPod nano featuring the original version of this Feist’s “1 2 3 4 ” permanently turned you off to the song, you can breathe easier now. But who knew the prescription would be so simple? Add a klatch of cute monsters, interpolate the lyrics for the kiddies, and I’m right back on board.

Separately, because you need to hear it, check out the Boys Noize remix of the dulcet-voiced Canadian’s song “My Moon My Man” below.

My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) – Feist


  1. 25 Jul 2008 MHB

    Love it. I’ll bet there are lots of pre-teen lads now in love with Miss Feist and confused by the emotion. Shout to the Oscar cameo @ :10. And the emphatic head banging at 1:24 is top shelf.