Fred Flare

27 Oct 2008

Etailer Fred Flare just opened their first storefront round the corner from my house. The folks at Zeus Jones have been looking at this trend of click-to-brick and how to discern what should stay DIY and what should be sleek.

Following the lead of NYC venues Grand Opening or Kiosk, which change their content every few months, could a similar rotating space serve as an incubator for online brands seeking to test the waters? It’s a spatial/ narrative/financial investment that could work quite well. The shell could even be branded + franchised, yet leave room for curatorial individuality within its walls.


  1. 28 Oct 2008 Johanna Beyenbach

    Let’s go to Fred Flare together? I was bummed to miss the opening party, it was on my calendar for weeks!

  2. 28 Oct 2008 nerditry

    @MHB : I’m getting a reply together on the CYOA email.

    #2 : I really like this idea. I wonder how far the variations can be taken. Could I go to a bookstore during the day and return at night to a desserts bar with chairs for reading in? Could I return to a bookstore later than night when the space has changed to an indoor camping event to tell ghost stories and make s’mores?

  3. 28 Oct 2008 MHB

    @JB – always down for some neighborly shopping

    @Nerditry – i think the changing within the day is a dicey proposal – consumers get confused and don’t know how to interact (purchase) within the space. I’ve seen many a shop go under cause it’s trying to be a coffeeshop/bookstore/clothing/DJ/bar etc….

    So content would be more on a 3 month rotation. Kinda like how you have a relationship w/ an art gallery b/c of their curatorial chops

    On the s’mores tip, def check Grand Opening, they are on the experience design tip.

  4. 28 Oct 2008 nerditry

    @MHB : These are the days that I am bummed to live outside of NYC. Referencing CYOA, could you have a store that featured only specific brands during a themed setting?

    Co-branded event for X Country Tourism Board : National brands + events = BMW + Hugo Boss + Oktoberfest in a one month installation