Great Googly Moogly!

10 May 2008

find me a shorty/with a volvo 240

Our friend Anj authors the funnest blog Great Googly Moogly. Her site was borne out of image searches for things like “inspiration” or “totally fun”. Love that. Could she make money by turning the blog into a full blown image farm? Pulling all the top results from key image searches, then hosting them, building supporting links and selling adspace if traffic rolls in? Basically hijacking Google Images (GI). Or could one create adspace sites based upon echoing the daily content that creeps up the Digg charts? People would land there via google keyword searches, and if the content was humorous op-ed, it could even be worth reading. Like an external comment board or the Buzzfeed aggregator. Prolly exists already, send me a link if you’ve got it.


I’ve been thinking about this because in March there was an image of the Kool Aid man on Digg. As it rose to the top of the heap, people began searching for it on Google and arriving on our site, as we too had a picture of the Kool Aid man, but different from the in question. And now somedays we are the 4th result in a GI search for Kool Aid. Somedays MIA.

Jim Jones, Tommy Wolfe + The Elephant

What other googlery lands folks on Des Temps? Image search Nerd and we’re #5. We’re #s 1, 2 & 3 for Black Nerds. Searches for Marc Jacobs and Max Ernst also bring us new friends. And the true feather in our cap is being 13th in the hunt for Old Volvos. So so so. Going beyond whimsy and eschewing adsense, is there anything of note that we can do with these results? SEO suggestions welcomed.

5/15/08 For the last few days we were #1 GI for Larry Bird.
5/22/08 Today we are #1 in a GI search for Max Ernst.
6/9/08 #2 for Bush Cheney.
6/24/08 #5 for Dinosaur Fight.
6/26/08 #4 for Ritalin