JC Penney Speed Dressing

24 Jun 2008

the new store for the naughty teen

So the internets are abuzz with questions about the Saatchi/Epoch Bronze Lion winner “Speed Dressing” cause JC Penney is now denying ownership of the spot. For those not yet in the know, the :60 depicts two cute teens practicing speed dressing so that they can get away with some heavy petting (greatest sex-ed term evar, IMHO).

I was surprised when I saw it and didn’t think it was sanctioned; kinda like the below Levi’s :60. But I’m not wholly convinced that JC ‘knew nothing’ about it. Would Epoch and Saatchi really risk a F500 client relationship for Cannes? Dunno. Though I doubt JC will fire Saatchi. And Saatchi will work again with Epoch.

In the new media landscape, there are strategy briefs that make room to release and then deny content. And by denying it outright, JC can wash their hands in the public eye, yet get the benefit of viral buzz and grab that brass ring of cool amongst teen shoppers. Until this spot hit the web, the words ‘edgy’ and ‘JC Penney’ couldn’t be found in the same room. Now they’re necking in the basement.

Of course Saatchi knew all about it. I mean, come on, awards shows are an incest fest, you think nobody told them that it was in the running?

…Well now Saatchi/Epoch is ‘returning’ the lion