Mischief Party – Rooftop Invite

25 Aug 2008

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

Ze Mischief crew is back, back from vacation.
So good revelers clean thy slates, gird for libation.

Wednesday, 8P, August Twenty Seven.
Find us on a roof, address 305, Avenue Second.

Ye microbrew Butternuts will be free on tap
To slake thy thirst with their mighty Pork Slap.

Pranksters will be on hand, eyes sparked with glee.
To join us, dear friends, just RSVP.


  1. 25 Aug 2008 dave m

    I’ll be there. I’ll bring me trusty collapsible telescope. Mars will be the brightest in the night sky and will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. Does that sound like the intro to a horoscope reading or what?

  2. 26 Aug 2008 Dave Rosner

    I am going to try to swing by.


  3. 26 Aug 2008 sam

    i will come by on the later side.

  4. 26 Aug 2008 tovah

    I’ll swing on by with a friend or 2!

  5. 26 Aug 2008 Geraldine

    I am having trouble RSVPing , you can add me + 4
    Thank you
    see you soon

  6. 26 Aug 2008 Evan Andrew Vaughan


    I’m RSVP’ing to the event.

    With warmest regards,

    Mr. Evan Andrew Vaughan and me lady friend

  7. 27 Aug 2008 Rob Kelley


    Rob Kelley plus 1

  8. 27 Aug 2008 anna shinderovsky + 2

    Will be there for the drinks, friends, and maybe some boys… ;)

  9. 27 Aug 2008 Alex D

    in there like swim wear. + a couple please.

  10. 27 Aug 2008 Alejandro Norman


  11. 28 Aug 2008 Yianni Garcia

    This party was off the hook!!!!