Oh Yeah, The News

07 Mar 2008

Whilst crushing hops and barley last night with our sage friend Michael Pollock, he noted that the Desedo Dropsquad had not posted News since summer. So let me upgrade ya.


Sony hired us in 07 to create twenty short docs about NYC bands. Love that. Rock a skeleton crew. Spend our days in the lives of musicians on the grustle. Here is one we did with Neutral Mute.

Moved on up to a swank lil office at 32nd & Madison. Developed a knack for throwing muchloved parties.

Got an assistant, interns and a loveletter.

Winterdays were spent shooting for Wal-Mart with ScenarioDNA ..and yeah Teenagers are smrtr than you think…


Linked up again with Sony on our original property HNN. Now moving it with someone who cannot (yet) be named. But we said OMFG when he said Hello. More soon to come.

And, as good citizens of the USA, we’ve even been executing some government contracts.


Right now?

We’re on our grizzly, shooting an original mobile series, talking transmedia and bouncing our brains round about the marketplace. We’ll see what sticks and promise to keep yall looped in with more News.

Stay winning,

Dropsquad Desedo
and now back to your regularly scheduled programming