29 Oct 2008


Back in primary season, Raafi mused on Ohio. Our friend Rebecca was campaigning there last weekend and reported:

We were canvassing the foothills of Appalachia in Brown County. Most people lived in trailers, had strong country accents and looked just like my stereotype of Red America. As a result, when we went to knock on the first door, I stepped back afraid that someone might pull out their shotgun on us.

The first man who came to the door was a 74 year-old farmer with a white beard, a John Deere hat, and overalls. When we uttered Obama’s name, he said, “Of course I’m voting for Obama! Made my mind up a long time ago!… Good luck to ya!” This continued to be the case. More often than not this community was pulling for Obama. Totally, unexpectedly, inspiring. All of my stereotypes were completely turned on their head. America is truly going through a transformation.