Own The Night

20 Nov 2010

This past Halloween saw team Desedo plus a few hundred of our closest friends breaking things down in Brooklyn. At some point the camera came out. We’ll call it an exercise in creativity, a night of fun captured on film… Embedded journalism! All of that to say that time marches forward. And we like to march right along beside it. At times with booze and homies.

The Monster Mash was thrown by Jamie and Debbie (whose freshly minted ghost kitty is worth a checkout too). Of course, the scariest costume of the night goes to the guy with the custom-embroidered Bed Bugs hat and strap-on mattress. Don’t wave that thing at me, buddy.

an even better pic of the bed bugs costume:


  1. 3 Dec 2010 Winslow

    Yup, that dude is me. I gave many many people bed bugs that night. They were handpicked from 5 boroughs worth of discarded mattresses. I woke up with a few (hundred) bites myself, but most importantly the satisfaction of a costume with haunting dedication.

  2. 3 Dec 2010 raafi

    I must say, there was a moment the next morning where I scanned my sheets for bed bugs. Sounds like I was one of the lucky ones.

    In an earlier cut, the last shot is you walking off with the mattress.