Real Recognize Real

26 Mar 2008

poochy.jpgAs Eric Henderson and Agency Spy recently wrote, all cultures are rooted in unique codes and mores. If you are an outsider reaching in, be honest about your status, otherwise you’ll just get shook. One of my favorite examples of cultural missteps in the YouTube era is the P Diddy & Burger King collab.

On a platform whose billion dollar market value is based in egalitarian DIY, Diddy not only looks pompous, but gets all the codes wrong. BK ‘bought’ him a YouTube channel? And so this gets flipped by Lisa Nova to the tune of +1.5 million views.

It spawns a raft of other spoofs and poor press for both ‘Kings’. While DiddyTV is going strong, BK is MIA and Young Nov’ is keeping it real in the YouTube era.

read about it in this book, matey

12/10/08 Naked shows that Diddy just seems to be outta touch. It aint even that’s he’s so lux, he’s just so lame.


  1. 27 Mar 2008 Naheem Adio

    Lisa Nova is one hilarious chick … her spoof on 300 is something else…