Ring The Alarm

17 Dec 2008

Today is one of our favorite techgeek events, the ITP Winter Show @ NYU. And I’m wondering when somebody will invent the personalized car alarm. Dear Reader, can you tell me if it exists?

In an audio landscape where people tune out car alarms, why not use unique sounds you know are yours – with changes and customization as easy as a ring tone? If mobile phones can work as car keys, surely this alarm can be realized.


  1. 17 Dec 2008 raafi

    I’d like for the reader to point us to a study that shows that car alarms have virtually no effect in deterring theft. Then I’d like for them to be banned.

  2. 17 Dec 2008 Griffin Farley

    I think this is a great thought. I haven’t heard of anything in the marketplace but it seems like a Scion would jump on something like this.

  3. 18 Dec 2008 MHB

    @Raafi – cosign on the deterrence. In my mind, it’s more of a way to get past the “hmm is that MY car alarm?” moment so people head outside faster to deal w/ their business.

    @Griffin – Scion – absolutely – I’ll casually suggest to their AOR.

  4. 7 Jan 2009 Ron

    At first glance, I though yo were reffering to a timer… That would be dope!