Sarah Palin…Helping the Iraq?

26 Sep 2008

While I like to imagine that I’m open minded, can I truly respect the intelligence of my peers who vote for McPain? It’s beyond the pale.

What was 2 weeks ago hailed as a brilliant RNC chess move is now being called foolish from within the right. So are conservatives like George Will, who is now openly questioning the intelligence of McCain, going to break rank once inside the voting booth? I think so. The idea of Palin engaging Putin is just too much to bear. The video below makes me laugh, but it also makes me very scared.


  1. 27 Sep 2008 Naheem Adio

    Its scary to think that if McCain get elected and drops dead (which feels like that’ll happen any moment), we will have someone in power more clueless than Bush.

  2. 28 Sep 2008 Sean