Sex For Sale

02 Dec 2008

i can’t tell you you’re oppressed
without asking your opinion on it.

-Fatemeh Fakhraie

I’ve written before on the subject of sex and authorship and believe in the virtues of Neo Burlesque and Suicide Girls as a potential source of empowerment. Yet what still struck me in this clip from Sundance’s Pleasure For Sale is the frank calm with which Kittie approaches prostitution as an independent contractor. Or at least, that which we see on screen? Dunno.

That said, we must keep questioning those things that make us nod or shake our heads, be it assent or dissent.


  1. 3 Dec 2008 happy endings?

    Ed. note: this comment is basically spam, but relevant.

    Check out “happy endings” a doc film on Asian massage parlors in RI where prostitution is legal. Check the blog and youtube channel and leave comments. Sign up on the website to get updates on the release.

  2. 5 Dec 2008 Naheem Adio

    Is this a mockumentary or something? I mean I find this a little bugged out…

  3. 5 Dec 2008 Nicole

    I watched the clip and felt a bit disturbed by it. I understand the need for open discourse on topics of sexuality (specifically women’s sexuality)– something that is inherently complex which we’re often quick to judge and put in black and white terms as either “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong.” And yes, perhaps speaking for (or labeling) the subject whom we see as oppressed could be deemed as an act of oppression. But given the usual circumstances that cause women to enter prostitution such as lack of education, sexual abuse and financial strain– I find it difficult to believe that women ever truly “willingly” become prostitutes. These factors almost intrinsically take away the power to make decisions. As one of the women said in that clip, “I wasn’t qualified to do anything else.” Unlike Neo Burlesque, they aren’t owning their sexuality. In this case, these women are psychologically disconnecting from the usual experience/act of sex and simply treating it as a trade. I don’t know, to me, there is something that feels violent about that.