Social Networking Wars

20 May 2008

im going to poke your funwall

When Facebook gets as spammy as MySpace, are people gonna migrate elsewhere? Is there an eternal greener pasture, free of clutter, amazing deals and soft porn? Could such a social network grow large and resist the urge to ad widgetry and apps? If so, it will reflect the growing trend of “more might not equal better”.

While waiting, watch this video. It might make you start rolling on the floor, laughing [your] ass off.

thx sctt
5/31 Facebook Addiction Disorder


  1. 22 May 2008 raafi

    Yes, Yes, No, Maybe. And I LMFAO.

    From the looks of things, Facebook aims to become that cleaner interface that users desire. Fake Steve, however, smells the piranhas in the water.