SOE – and the hustle

27 Jan 2009

soe ad3

File this under the “they shoot things, don’t they?” category. This collaboration followed from the series of 20 music docs about New York City bands we did for Sony a couple years back. Lead singer DJ McNanny’s former band Neutral Mute and I collaborated on what became a kind of pet project — shooting footage from time to time vaguely in service of a music video. Though that band eventually went on hiatus, DJ’s new band AAAPE has started playing out. And his label keeps pumping out the dope remixes.

In between, we ended up with a branded song, or an ad for a music video, or a two-minute thingy (technical term) that looks cool and allowed me to get my Terry Richardson on.

soe ad 4

Looking at the finished pics, there’s a temptation to holler, “our friends are cooler than yours!” But the simple truth is, that’s just how we roll. At least that’s what I tell the guys over at Citibank who keep calling. Rakesh what up, baby!

Enjoy our State of Elation. And look out for the fragrance.

That’s worldwide hottie Allison Caviness bringing a new level of cool to sunglasses. And, of course, she’s already shot with Terry Richardson.


  1. […] This video blends Japanese advertising and a gritty New York landscape to fulfill the premise of the song: State of Elation. The graphic techniques range from collage and layering to a boiled down take on color, black and white. More background information here. […]

  2. 9 Feb 2009 Jason

    This is by far the worst music video I’ve ever seen. :-)

  3. 10 Feb 2009 raafi

    thanks dude. no more edit gigs for you. I’m going with the Cutmaster next time.