Swagga Juice

09 Feb 2009

One of the things we’ve been talking about recently at Desedo is the fluidity of identity. How different situations bring out different facets of one’s personality or brand and how this fluidity gives a picture in the round of a complex object. Witness Kanye West performing with Jay-Z in three acts:


Hip-hop for adults

International superstars
full-on swag

What we also see in these photographs is the progression both men have made as they’ve grown from being popular in hip-hop four years ago to pop icons today.

Incidentally, Webster’s lists the etymology of the word swag as potentially derived from the Norwegian svagga to sway, rock; akin to Middle Low German swacken to rock. In other words, last night’s Grammy performance was a return to form.

More reasons why the world needs more tuxedo owners and their swagger (like us).


  1. 10 Feb 2009 MHB

    “hip-hop for adults” makes me think of the words Batman, Liberace and Profligate.

  2. 14 Feb 2009 MHB

    and then there’s this…

  3. 8 Mar 2009 Sarah Es

    Best blog everrr.